never ending process of uncluttering in the books department at home. for details about the books and previous looks you can visit :

I’ve been trimming down every useless thing since a year, be it cds, dvds, LPs, books, magazines, clothes and trying to reach an uncluttered life. When I finished the elimination of unwanted books, I figured it’d be much more better to turn the remaining books over on the shelves and just mark the writers most important with a bookmark or “shelfmark”. What do you think about the new look of the bookshelves? Your opinions shall lead me. 

“I tend to buy only the items worthy enough to add into my minimalist collections after careful examination. Shifting to LPs from CDs automatically reduced the exposure spectrum, so I can concentrate on the music that I liked in the 80’s & 90’s. No live recordings or “best of”s, only the albums. I try to hunt my best authors’ or publishers’ books trying to keep the books I own down under a limit. If something purchased doesn’t live up to my expectations, it’s better be returned, sold, given away as quickly as possible. Time to time I go thru my external hard discs and try to eliminate the inferior files that just keep space they don’t deserve. Aim is to have just one usb external 2.5” hard disk that could be carried with me all the time, covering all my selected files.”
“Got rid of most magazines, graphic novels, collected newspapers (all parts necessary have been scanned). Furniture, gadgets, clothes are also being carefully examined to determine which ones are really necessary, so the useless can be sold, handed out or simply thrown away.”